Open Minded Drum Camp will take place in the heart of Żywiec. It is a town that is famous throughout the world for its beer and breweries. Nevertheless, here we can find beautiful monuments, a phenomenal park, good food, and a gorgeous lake. During this time Żywiec will become a base for drummers, who will develop their drumming skills, as well as work on coordination and technique, over the course of five days. All under the guidance of one of the best drum educators in the world, Claus Hessler.

All the classes will be held in the concert hall of Żywiec Cultural Center. Thanks to the drum store – Śląskie Centrum Perkusyjne – the place will be equipped with practice pads for our participants. One of the advantages of our course is the location of the Cultural Centre, with the main square and park just a short walk away. You will also find Tesco close by, as well as many restaurants, shops, shopping malls and other essentials, including accommodation.