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We are proud to announce our first release of an amazing tool, which we believe, will help you to grow as a drummer. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional. Our mission is to provide a legitimate and coherent knowledge that will help you to reach your drumming goals quickly and efficiently while preventing from falling into common educational knowledge traps.

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We are all students

Claus Hessler

Teacher | Content Creator

Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler

Student of Dom Famularo and Jim Chapin, incredible drummer with a unique open-handed style of playing. World Class educator who teaches drummers at all levels, cooperates with universities, gives masterclasses and master study sessions. Master of Moeller Technique, author of Valuable Books and Educational Materials.

About the program

Apart from everybody’s vast experience in their field, together we spent the last few years learning, developing ideas that finally come together in the form of this unique online service. So far we did all that we could to prepare the first version of the website as good as possible. Now, it’s time to publish it unofficially as a beta program to face the needs of our very first group of 100 students worldwide. Thanks to whom we will be able to fine-tune the site and create the best experience for your studies possible! This program doesn’t have the end date. We will want to stay in touch with this group of 100 people alongside as the service evolves. We want to create this bond of trust and mutual support so together we can create a unique place for drummers to study and grow. We want to stay in close contact with all the beta testers, support them in their education through the site, and cooperate to constantly develop the service and keep the highest quality possible.

What we offer

We want to offer you a unique, annual subscription plan with a special price. This price will last for as long as you keep your subscription active. It means you can keep this price for the next 25 years or even longer if you want to. The regular service cost will average around 265.00 £ / year.
For our special beta users, we offer the price of 85.00 £ per annual subscription, which as we said can be automatically renewed and will always stay the same regardless of how much more materials we will add or how big the service will become.

For us, it’s a partnership, teamwork, and adventure. As a beta user, you will always be informed about new features, ideas for the new courses and strategies. By knowing the site you will become a reliable source of feedback. We hope to build a drumming connection that will help all of us to simply get better.

What we need from you in return

You will get all access to all the service features, support, and what’s most important, high-quality educational content but as you probably know beta versions may be unstable and contain bugs. This is where we need your help! We need you to be proactive, attentive, supportive, and patient. Building a site is a process and it needs understanding that some changes may take a minute or ten. It’s not easy to work out all the bugs that’s why we need a team of people who will spot the errors that we didn’t notice. If something doesn’t work as intended, seems abnormal, or simply doesn’t look correct we want you to screenshot and share your concerns with us. Once we get the information our team will try to fix it as fast as possible.

In conclusion, once you become a member of our Beta Test Program we want you to study with attention and be an active member! We’ll be always open to all of your suggestions, comments, and ideas to ultimately create an easy and effective drum studies.

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Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique
Virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination
Educator on Open Minded Drum Camp since 2017
The Wise mentor | Yoda | of Open Minded Drumming

One of the best educators in the world, he has been teaching in Germany, England, USA, Austria, Portugal, South Korea, Iran, Croatia, Norway, France, Romania, Spain, Australia and China. During that time, he has taught many professional drummers, including Anika Nilles. Creator of a comprehensive drum teaching program, Claus has published a series of educational books and DVDs, which are an endless source of knowledge about technique, coordination, and musical expression. He has shared the stage with many great drummers, including Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, Walfredo Reyes Jr., JoJo Mayer, Johnny Rabb, and Luis Conte.

“I don’t know anybody who has been closer to Moeller’s technique than Claus Hessler.”

Jim Chapin

In 2016 he was the guest of the most popular drum portal in the world – drumeo, where he recorded an excellent masterclass about Swiss and collapsed rudiments.

Claus is not only a great teacher, with many successes on his account!
First and foremost, he is a virtuosic improviser and his hand and feet coordination is masterly. He is able to perform complicated ostinatos, while perfectly executing Moeller’s technique. His ease and independence are remarkable.

Check out more videos with Claus:

Anika Nilles

Anika Nilles

Successful drummer, composer, and educator
YouTube drummer with over 20 million views on her videos
In Open Minded Drumming family since 2020
Claus Hessler’s student

Anika debuted online 2013 on her youtube channel. Her music can be classified as a progressive pop, but the most important element in her music is always “the groove”! Anika’s playing style is distinguished by her finesse in technique and her unique sound. This was well received with her world tour in 2015 as she travelled trough Europe, USA and China to share her music with the world.

Well known in the drum community Anika won the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for up and coming Artist as well as #1 rising star in “DRUM!” Magazine in 2015 and 2016.

During the same year, Anika and her trusted producer Joachim Schneiss put a lot of passion into producing her debut album called PIKALAR. The fruit of this journey is a 10 track instrumental album. Together with Anika on drums PIKALAR also features the talents of many great musicians, each bringing and adding a unique flavour to the album.

In 2020 Anika Nilles and Nevell are back again with a brand new 10-track album titled „for a colorful soul“. Staying true to the unique sound they established with their previous songs, their work remains bigger than the proverbial “box” and can only be categorised as being in a class of its own.

Check out more videos with Anika:

Szymon Fortuna

Szymon Fortuna

Founder and CEO of Open-Minded Drumming
Student of Claus Hessler
Session musician who’s traveling the world playing the drums
Innovator who stands for high quality education

Szymon has been playing drums over twenty years. His biggest asset is stylistic versatility and sight-reading skills. In the past few years, he has played several hundred shows based on avista sight-reading.

Szymon has studied his craft with jazz studies at Middlesex University in London and at Berklee College of Music (Summer Program). He studied with drummers like Gene Calderazzo (USA), Harry Tanschek (AUT), and in the past three years he has continued to learn and grow with the help of Claus Hessler.
In 2014, Szymon received a Berklee World Tour Scholarship to the value of $20,000.
Szymon is very passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

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