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Daily Drumset Workout

11-16 AUGUST 2020 | Żywiec | Poland


Due to the current situation, it won’t be possible for Dom Famularo to come to Poland.
We know what you feel! It’s heartbreaking news but we did our best to work it out.
Dom will meet with us online. He has a huge experience in online teaching and
we bet these masterclasses will be great!

We also invited a new teacher! We realize it’s a last-minute change but we ask for your understanding.
Let’s welcome on board Anika Nilles!


This year we are not creating a totally new program, but for the upcoming camp, we are introducing a major change! We are moving from the vertical approach, which means focusing on one subject every day, to the horizontal way of arranging the classes. Each day we will try to make one step forward using the exercises, which will be presented in an easy version for our new participants and with a slightly more advanced form for our returning students.

It means that you will begin each day by studying rudiments, then you will be working on your hands, feet, coordination, and groove, as you would normally practice at home. We want to focus not only on inspiring you but also on optimizing your drum practice. We want to polish the details, make sure that you not only understand each subject separately but how they all correlate with each other.

We hope that if we work on each skillset every day it will give you an even stronger base and a better understanding of how to improve your drumming when practicing back home.



5 units x 75 min

This class will consist of 5 units. It will be conducted by Szymon Fortuna, a student of Claus Hessler. The Rudimental Workshop is an evolution of the Warm-up session that our students were part of so far. The material that you will be studying will be even more closely related to the rest of the classes, giving you stronger foundation, broader picture and teach you how to break things into smaller and easier to understand blocks of information.
Each day you will be studying rudiments that you most likely know but with more analytical approach. We will try to show you more connections between different phrases that may appear to be distant but yet quite closely related and therefore easier to master.


6 units x 45 min

We have prepared for you 6 different masterclasses. They will be led by Claus Hessler and some of them by Dom Famularo. Claus will cover four main areas of your drum development: Hands, Feet, Coordination and Groove. Each of the masterclass will be strongly connected with your drum lab practice sessions. Each of these session will leave you with better understanding of the drumming and its integral parts.
The other two classes, led by Dom will allow you to discover even more interesting, important and exciting aspects of the art of drumming. Stay tuned for more…


2 units x 75 min
16 units x 60 min &nbsp1 unit x 105 min

It’s all about the practice! This year we divided these classes into four separate practice sessions. For the very first time you will work on your hands, feet, coordination and groove every day. As you probably realised by now, each Master Drum Lab is an extension to the main Masterclass. You will practice in smaller groups under close supervision of Claus and Dom. We all know how important is your daily practice. These sessions are here to put you on the right path to accelerate your potential through your “Daily Drumset Workout”



4 units x 60 min

Our goal is for you to leaved the camp without any doubts. This class has been successfully initiated in 2019, and is here for everybody who may need some extra help regarding any subject from the Masterclasses or the Master Drum Labs. These sessions are optional, anybody can join, ask their personal question and after getting the feedback, they can go back to the regular Master Drum Labs. It will be limited to just 5 people at one time to ensure full attention towards the participant’s needs.

4 units x 90 min
1 unit x 120 min &nbsp1 unit x 60 min

There won’t be any changes in the length of the classes but the previously Concert Drum Rehearsal class will turn into Groove Lab with Anika ad Claus. This is something new, fully integrated with the rest of the masterclasses and intensive workout time!


We are very excited to begin our partnership with Majestic Percussion and Symphonic Backline company who will help us to provide you the gear that will make your practice comfortable. Nevertheless, many of our participants choose to bring their personal gear for their best comfort. That is totally fine and we strongly encourage you to do so. We kindly ask you to mark during your registration process the gear that you can definitely bring with you. It will help us to target better what will be most needed to provide. Don’t worry about any details. We will be in touch with you before the camp and help you with everything along the way.

We will provide:

You should bring with you:

If you won’t be able to bring all those things with you let us know and we will try to help you work something out.

Do you want to know how to get here? Did you book a hotel? Check out what else you gonna need.


Payment plan

Our team consists of drummers and active working musicians. Playing on drums requires some financial commitment. We know that apart from the expenses regarding the instrument, it is very important to invest wisely in your own personal development too.

This year we were finally able to create a flexible Payment Plan, which will help you to finance your education without a sudden impact on your wallet.

I'm underaged

We accept drummers who are no younger than 14 years old. The main reason for it is their safety. Although we do our best to look after every participant, we cannot commit to watch them outside the classroom. It’s due to the number of the students that we deal with at any given time.

We know how important it is for a young person to learn from the best at their early stage of music growth. Therefore we always tend to make a limited number of exceptions. Those are carefully made based on detailed conversations with parents, by learning more about the particular young student and so forth. We cannot guarantee that we will accept that person but we will honestly do our best to make the right choices.

Anika Nilles

Anika Nilles

Successful drummer, composer, and educator
YouTube drummer with over 20 million views on her videos
In Open Minded Drumming family since 2020
Claus Hessler’s student

Anika debuted online 2013 on her youtube channel. Her music can be classified as a progressive pop, but the most important element in her music is always “the groove”! Anika’s playing style is distinguished by her finesse in technique and her unique sound. This was well received with her world tour in 2015 as she travelled trough Europe, USA and China to share her music with the world.

Well known in the drum community Anika won the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for up and coming Artist as well as #1 rising star in “DRUM!” Magazine in 2015 and 2016.

During the same year, Anika and her trusted producer Joachim Schneiss put a lot of passion into producing her debut album called PIKALAR. The fruit of this journey is a 10 track instrumental album. Together with Anika on drums PIKALAR also features the talents of many great musicians, each bringing and adding a unique flavour to the album.

In 2020 Anika Nilles and Nevell are back again with a brand new 10-track album titled „for a colorful soul“. Staying true to the unique sound they established with their previous songs, their work remains bigger than the proverbial “box” and can only be categorised as being in a class of its own.

Check out more videos with Anika:

Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique
Virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination
Educator on Open Minded Drum Camp since 2017
The Wise mentor | Yoda | of Open Minded Drumming

One of the best educators in the world, he has been teaching in Germany, England, USA, Austria, Portugal, South Korea, Iran, Croatia, Norway, France, Romania, Spain, Australia and China. During that time, he has taught many professional drummers, including Anika Nilles. Creator of a comprehensive drum teaching program, Claus has published a series of educational books and DVDs, which are an endless source of knowledge about technique, coordination, and musical expression. He has shared the stage with many great drummers, including Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, Walfredo Reyes Jr., JoJo Mayer, Johnny Rabb, and Luis Conte.

“I don’t know anybody who has been closer to Moeller’s technique than Claus Hessler.”

Jim Chapin

In 2016 he was the guest of the most popular drum portal in the world – drumeo, where he recorded an excellent masterclass about Swiss and collapsed rudiments.

Claus is not only a great teacher, with many successes on his account!
First and foremost, he is a virtuosic improviser and his hand and feet coordination is masterly. He is able to perform complicated ostinatos, while perfectly executing Moeller’s technique. His ease and independence are remarkable.

Check out more videos with Claus:

Szymon Fortuna

Szymon Fortuna

Founder and CEO of Open-Minded Drumming
Student of Claus Hessler
Session musician who’s traveling the world playing the drums
Innovator who stands for high quality education

Szymon has been playing drums over twenty years. His biggest asset is stylistic versatility and sight-reading skills. In the past few years, he has played several hundred shows based on avista sight-reading.

Szymon has studied his craft with jazz studies at Middlesex University in London and at Berklee College of Music (Summer Program). He studied with drummers like Gene Calderazzo (USA), Harry Tanschek (AUT), and in the past three years he has continued to learn and grow with the help of Claus Hessler.
In 2014, Szymon received a Berklee World Tour Scholarship to the value of $20,000.
Szymon is very passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.

Dom Famularo

Dom Famularo

World’s leading motivational drum set artist and educator
One of drumming’s most sought-after private instructors for over 40 years
Educator on Open Minded Drum Camp since 2019

A major player in the percussion industry, Dom acts as Education consultant for Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Mapex Drums, Remo Drumheads, Hudson Music Publications, Wizdom Media for whom he oversees programs worldwide.

Dom Famularo has been traveling the globe preaching the gospel of drumming for over 40 years. An intense performer, Dom is one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world, with a career built solely upon his unique skills as a drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker.

“Ultimately I want today’s generation to enjoy the fun of the challenge of drumming. I want to serve as their inspiration, to give people everywhere the opportunity to find their path of self-expression. Music is one of the most viable and enjoyable means of finding oneself. I am an artist of life and art, which are both synonymous. How I live my life is how I live my art… and I enjoy them both together.”


Tutored by legendary greats Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Charlie Perry, Colin Bailey, Shelly Manne, Papa Jo Jones and Ronnie Benedict, Dom combines the masterful techniques of the past with the parameter-pushing concepts of today’s music for a highly creative and uniquely personal style of drumming. With hands powered by the famous Moeller technique and feet dancing through high-speed double-pedal bass drumming patterns he delivers performances that dip and dive through dynamics and styles with energy and ease.

Students regularly fly in from around the globe for intensive study with Dom…currently teaching over 1,000 students from over 20 countries at his WizDOM Drumshed studio in NY.

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