Info and Program


Based on our observations and studies with our current participants, we have prepared an updated program. It is strongly based on the previous ones. Our main goal is to help our students establish a solid foundation and understanding of technique, coordination and a musical expression on drums.


You will focus on studying in four main areas, around which other topics will evolve:

All of the exercises are designed to help to build necessary skills for those of you who will be joining us for the very first time. With small additions, the same exercises are intended to challenge our returning students in order to make another step up in their personal development.
We will spend a good amount of time on collective practice, learning about some essential drum skills that every drummer should develop over time.
We will also introduce a few sessions in smaller groups. Everybody will study and practice together with  Claus & Dom, fine-tuning different aspects covered during masterclasses.


We have also reserved quite some time for your questions, and personal needs. You will have a chance to talk about any aspects that interest you.
Claus, Dom & Szymon will be there to help in your practice, they will assist you and explain any things that will concern you.

3 – 8 August 2019
Municipal Center
Al. Wolności 4,
34-300 Żywiec POLAND

420 EUR
it’s only
70 EUR
per each day of intensive studies


•  Single or double foot pedal
•  Pencil & rubber

If you want, you may also bring your
own practice pad with stand, drum
throne, pad tree

•  Hands practice pads with stands
•  Feet practice pads
•  Drum throne
•  Music stands with mirrors
•  Study workbooks


The main goal for this class is to warm up and prepare for the masterclasses and practice sessions. This collective workout will be based on one of the U.S. army rudimental pieces that were used to wake up troops in the morning and call them to service. While using a musical piece, backing melody and different practice configurations, we will be working on producing a clean open roll as well as natural rebound coming from the Moeller approach. We will also put a strong emphasis on keeping a solid time and clear dynamic expression.

45 min x 4

3 hours

These masterclasses are the core of the entire Open Minded Drum Camp studies. Through all the session we are going to focus on a few very important subjects that are directly related to our personal drum development. We will put a strong emphasis on hands and feet technique. Next, we’ll move towards expressing our ideas and then organizing them into grooves. Finally, we’ll touch on the very important subject of improvisation. All the information will be backed up by specific exercises. The information that you will get comes from people who are masters in the field of drumming and education. Claus studied with Dom and they both are master students of Jim Chapin, our direct link with the true pioneer of the effortless drumming technique – Stamford Moeller. The information and all the support you will receive, comes from on of the best and passionate educators in the world.

1 h x 1

1 h 15 min x 4

6 hours

We know how important it is to have as much practical opportunity as possible. Therefore you can expect to work quite a lot during all the Master Lab Sessions. Those classes are designed with a very close relation to the Masterclasses. During all this time you will be practicing some direct exercises that are derived from the Master Sessions. Some of the labs will be divided into two groups and other will be a collective practice. Everybody will spend the same amount of time both with Claus & Dom. Everybody can expect to get a legitimate support from both of our teachers as well as Szymon, who will be there to assist as well.

1 h x 3

1 h 30 min x 2

2 h x 6

18 hours

This is a very special type of class! This time all participants will be divided into 4 different groups. Each group will attend two main sessions. The first one will focus on the feet workout while the second on developing Moeller technique. Our goal is to make sure that after all the masterclasses and drum labs you are on the right path in your technique and coordination development. These small groups will allow you to practice directly with hands-on support from Claus and Dom. This means that you will be getting an instant feedback and guidance upon your workout.

1 h x 8

8 hours

This is a special time where all participants will be preparing for the Drum Show that will be a part of a bigger cultural festival that is happening the same day. We will practice to perform some pre-arranged pieces, prepared by Claus & Szymon. It will be a great opportunity to warm up, get to play together and later in the evening get some goosebumps while performing in front of a nice crowd of over 2000 people in Grojec Amphitheatre.

1 h 30 min x 1

2 h x 1

3 h 30 min

It is a unique time where the content, atmosphere, and outcome is being created very spontaneously. During these sessions, everybody has a chance and is strongly encouraged to bring up to the table their own questions, problems, wonders. This time is used entirely to find legitimate answers for everybody’s personal queries. Use this opportunity, which may strongly influence your future development as a drummer and musician.

2 h x 4

8 hours

Although we’re making sure that all the topics covered during the classes are clear and understandable, there may be the cases where some of the information has to be broke down again. By studying within a bigger group there are chances for losing your focus or not assimilating all information at once. Maybe some basics have to be revised? That is why we are incorporating this Mini Lab. This is an optional class that you can join upon quick notification during the camp. It will accommodate no more than 5 people at the time to give those who use this opportunity to have more time to get the desired answers for their questions.

1 h x 4

4 hours

TOGETHER     38 UNITS   |   50 H 30 MIN


Every year in Żywiec, there is a cultural festival where folklore groups from around the world come and perform for the local audience. We will spend the first day practicing a drum show together with Claus Hessler. Later that evening we will have a chance to perform in front of over 2000 people in the local Amphitheatre. We want this event to be a sort of warm-up for the following week of study. We want to integrate and get to know each other and at the same time give something back to the community in exchange for all the facilities that we are able to use for our studies.

For the very first time, we are going to have and integration party! It will replace the final concerts that we have for the last two years. But don’t get it wrong! Besides having a good food and some drinks it won’t be without music! We plan to have two drum sets ready for some sheds! There will be a P.A. and we won’t hesitate to ask Claus & Dom for some more performances from them. All this will happen outside under a nice roof in the backyard of hotel Dębina! It is free for all of our participants, but there’s more!

You can invite to this farewell party your family or up to 2 of your close friends. Although they will be a fee for participation, nevertheless it will be a great opportunity to celebrate and integrate with other students and of course with Claus, Dom and even some other guests that may visit us as well.

The Żywiec Brewery has built a great museum where you learn a lot about the history of the brand, the city of Żywiec, development of the beer and a lot more. In the end, you will have a chance to taste some of the freshly crafted beer. This tour will cost 10 EUR. It is optional and you will be able to sign up for it once you will arrive at the camp.

* The camp price doesn’t include housing and food. Accommodation prices range from 25 PLN to over 100 PLN based on the conditions. You must book a place to sleep on your own. In case of difficulties, we are more than happy to assist you with the whole reservation process. You can find more information in the section ACCOMMODATION. We have also prepared special discounts for meals in the “Krajcar” restaurant. You can read more about it in the section FOOD.


The Ask & Talk classes turned out to be a brilliant idea, especially in conjunction with other classes. Use the form on the side to share with us your personal topics and questions that you would like to discuss during the camp. Some of the subjects may require more preparation from our side so don’t wait and inform us as soon as possible.

Remember, there are no limitations when it comes to the subjects to be discussed. Describe any matter that you are interested in and we will try to give you our support.