Soup of the day

Please ask the staff member for the current option

11,90 zł

Homemade tortilla

Homemade tortilla with chorizo, rucola and Gouda cheese with salsa sauce as a spicy complement

15,90 zł

Homemade nachos

Tasty tortilla chips served with greek yogurt and sweet chilli dip

14,90 zł

Grilleld sheep's milk cheese

Served with bacon and cranberry dip

19,90 zł

Chunky cut chips

Served with baked cheese on top

15,90 zł

White sausage

Served with white cabbage, toasts and mustard

19,90 zł

Vegetables in puff pastry

15,90 zł


Sauerkraut cakes different than other

Served with sour cream or buletus sauce

19,90 zł / 24,90 zł

Duszonka beskidzka

Traditional casserole with sweet potatoes, sausage and cabbage, served with a mug of sour milk

22,90 zł

Tagliatelle Camembert

In cheese and cream sauce with broccoli

23,90 zł

Spaghetti with basil pesto and pistachios

24,90 zł


Chicken shashlik with cheese in spicy coating, served with bouquet of crispy salads and homemade french fries

25,90 zł

Grilled chicken breast with garlic sauce

Served with bouquet of fresh vegetables and homemade french fries

26,90 zł

Chicken breast in cheese and spinach sauce

Roasted and stewed in beer with Slavic bread, horseradish and mustard

26,90 zł

Krajcar's knuckle

Baked and stewed in beer, served with Slavic bread

33,90 zł

WIENER Schnitzel

Breaded veal leg served with mashed potato, young cabbage and fried egg

34,90 zł

Steak top-sirloin

High quality sirlion steak served with baked potatoes in pepper butter together with carmelized vegetables

49,90 zł

Steak t-bone

Considered to be the best steak in the world by many experts, served with baked potatoes, pepper butter and grilled vegetables

* Our stakes ca be served: rare / medium / well done

69,90 zł


Spicy chicken wings 5 pcs / 10 pcs

Order one beer and five wings
Order two beers and the wings

14,90 zł / 24,90 zł


Traditional soup made of sauerkraut cabbage served with boiled potatoes and juicy pieces of pork rib

14,90 zł

Chicken liver

Stewed in cherry liqueur with sour cream and onion, served with bouquet of vegetables and salads and crispy toast

22,90 zł

Trout from local breeding

Marinated in parsley, lemon and capers, served with baked sweet potatoes and eggplant, rucola, cherry tomatoes and balsamic cream

28,90 zł

Slowly stewed pork ribs

Tasty ribs, stewed for few hours in our beer, served with fried potatoes and homemade sauerkraut cabbage

28,90 zł

Pork tenderloin

Served with horseradish and potato puree, red cabbage and boletus sauce

33,90 zł


Krajcburger Solo

19,90 zł


Chicken fillet, homemade bread roll, fresh vegetables, lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard sauce

23,90 zł


100% beef, wheat bread roll, fresh salad, vegetables

24,90 zł

Krajcburger Rio Grande

100% beef, wheat bread roll, fresh lettuce, vegetables, chorizo sausage, jalapeno peppers, nachos, homemade salsa

26,90 zł

Krajcburger Texas

100% beef, wheat bread roll, fresh lettuce, vegetables, BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, roasted onions

26,90 zł

Krajcburger Beskidzki

100% beef, wheat bread roll, rucola, sheep’s milk cheese, fresh vegetables, mayonnaise and mustard sauce

26,90 zł

New York, New York 

Sandwich with sliced beef sirloin, in toast bread, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, served with home-made French fries and mix of salads

26,90 zł

*All of our burgers are served with homemade chunky cut chips and bunch of salads and vegetables, except for Krajcburger Solo


Homemade dumplings

Filled with quark, meat or cottage cheese and potatoes

* The possibility of ordering 1/2 portion (5 pcs of dumplings of your choice)

16,90 zł

Nuggets in panko

Chicken in crispy breadcrumbs with fries

19,90 zł


Salad A’la Cezar

Roman salad, grilled chicken, bacon, croutons, Parmesan and anchois sauce

24,90 zł

Salad with salmon

Mix of lettuce, salmon, almonds, olives, grapes and mustard-honey dressing

28,90 zł


Company cake

Please ask the staff about the current cake

9,90 zł

Vanilla ice cream

served with hot rasberries

14,90 zł

Krajcar's dessert

Please ask the staff about current dessert

16,90 zł

* one scoop of ice cream costs extra 3 zł


Pepsi / 7-UP / Mirinda / Schweppes

5 zł

Freshly squeezed juice

orange / apple-carrot / grapefruit

9,90 zł

Toma juice 0,2l / 1l

orange / grapefruit / apple / black currant / multivitamin

5 ZŁ / 12 zł

Lipton ice tea 0,2l / 1l

peach / lemon

5 zł / 12 zł

Krajcar's water 0,4L

sparkling / still

5 zł

Water carafe

9,90 zł

Classic lemonade

6,90 zł

Flavoured lemonade

7,90 zł

Tea small/large

black or flavoured

6 zł / 8 zł


8 zł


6 zł

Espresso doppio

8 zł

Black coffee

8 zł

Coffee with milk

8 zł

Latte macchiato 

10 zł

Ice coffee

With vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

13 zł


Hot chocolate

With whipped cream

10 zł

Bombardino with whipped cream

Egg liquor with the addition of rum, served hot

13 zł

Tea with rum

15 zł


Wheat beer

Cloudy light wheat beer with velvet foam and characteristic banana and clove aroma

ALK. 4% EKS. 12% IBU:20

0,5l / 9 zł

1l / 18 zł

Krajcar Żywiecki

Classic beer made in pilsner style with copper colour, a little bit of bitterness and touch of citrus aroma

ALK. 4,9% EKS. 12,5% IBU:45

0,4l / 9 zł

1l / 22 zł

March beer

Soft lager characterised by natural sweetness, floral aroma and amber colour

ALK. 5,5% EKS. 14,5% IBU:28

* All of our beers are available to go in bottles of 330 ml

0,4l / 9 zł

1l / 22 zł

Seasonal beer

Every month our brewer makes new seasonal beer
Please ask the staff about this month’s beer

0,4l / 10 zł

1l / 25 zł


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