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Have you ever seen drummers with no technique but they still play amazing or have you seen drummers with outstanding technique but they just sound random?

Very often we forget that one of the most important muscles in our drumming is the brain. The music we hear in our heads is the key.
At times those ideas might be very clear and detailed other times they still need to take shape but there is simply no expression without some kind of musical imagination.

It can be inspired by countless things which most likely become the true motivation behind the process of playing music:

Musical styles . Everyday life . bands . Mood . Rudiments . Options & restraints
Fellow musicians . Art & artists . Fills . Grooves . Education . Notation . . .

What pops up in your mind when you think RHYTHM?
Notes, rests, phrases, and their length … there’s a wealth of possibilities. Being aware of the rhythmic form is something that needs serious consideration. Give your vision the proper, intended rhythmic shape.

But what’s really inside the box? It covers topics like:

COLLAPSING and EXPANDING distances .  POLYRHYTHMS . METER and measure . 

When we think about the sound we may have in mind the choice of instruments: cymbals, toms, snares as well as any extra gadgets. It also relates to different zones of sound that each instrument has and our touch to the drums.

We have to understand the attack, decay, length of notes, and their importance with regards to how they match the input of other musicians. Is it all about a massive, voluminous, and rich sound or a subtle, delicate, and fragile one? Ultimately, all your choices blend to create your unique musical output. 

Choice of sounds . Sound zones . Touch
Personal setup . Orchestration systems
Attack . Decay . Blending . . . 

One of the all-time favorite issues. This is all about the universe of loud, soft, the balance between those two, crescendo, decrescendo, ghost notes, accents. Considering the dynamic potential of the drums, this is a very important aspect to have in mind and it adds incredible value to the range of musical expression.

Not being in control of dynamics as a drummer is like having a tiger off the leash but, on the other hand, not using the power of dynamics would be like having a tiger without teeth.

Accents . Ghost notes . Balance . Dynamic levels . Gear selection . Technique . Venue . Musical Context

Quite some musical styles come with special expectations regarding phrasing that may still be a subject of the personal preferences of a player.

Your design of right and left-hand strokes can drastically influence phrasing and the possibilities connected with that. The sticking may be organized using standard strokes, buzz, open rolls / doubles. There’s also the flam universe: accented grace notes, soft main notes, both notes being accented, both notes soft, „flat flams“ in different dynamic settings, or reverse flams with the grace note after the beat …
there’s a wealth of options.

Sticking organisation . “Standard” strokes . Buzz strokes . Open roll . Controlled buzz . The flam universe . “Mute” strokes . Stylistic context

Rhythm, Sound, Dynamic & Phrasing are usually connected by a solid time. Mostly represented by the key elements of pulse and subdivision.

It may happen that your musical idea comes with a free and rubato like perception but it is also placed in time. Nevertheless, for the most part there would be a regular, solid pulse.


The technique is the term for all the finer details of movement beginning from how to hold sticks in a certain playing situation, how you position your hands, how you move your arms, wrists, fingers, ankles, legs. Basically, any mapped out a strategy of movement, its conditions, and consequences.

A lack of skill and understanding in this segment may keep you from realizing your musical vision.


It’s all about the ability to control two, three, or four different limbs at the same time – the basic principles of understanding and applying independence.

When playing an instrument like the drums, coordination truly is an indispensable tool to realize your ideas.

Hearing skills

Are you able to listen to yourself and the music around you and evaluate what is happening?

Without this skill, it is simply not possible to make the necessary adjustments, fix mistakes, and change anything which conflicts with your musical vision.


This really is the fuel that keeps you going. It may be enhanced through listening and watching your favorite bands or musicians. It may be an educational book, a concert you go to, an influential teacher, any piece of performing art that inspires you to do the next step.

Finding sources that work for you is a truly essential aspect that will get you through tough times in your development as a player.


Ask yourself: Are you really paying attention to what you are doing? At times we just do not focus enough on what is happening. Other times, we concentrate so hard on what we do that the ultimate intention to fully succeed leads towards inferior results … we have all been there.

The right amount of focus, being with the things we want to do but still be mentally relaxed to maintain a good flow is crucial.

Here all of the key elements Rhythm, Sound, Dynamic, Phrasing, and awareness of the challenges come together.

The musical Result is the final effect of the whole process. At this point, the music in your head is transferred into something all the world can hear. It may be a recording, a live performance, or even something you just played in your practice room.

Once you get the musical result you can establish either your vision has been realized or not. By answering the key question “why?” you will be able to determine your next move.

Could you realize your vision?

Does the outcome in some way relate to what you heard in your head?
Is it exactly that?

Why did you fail?

Can you pinpoint the reasons for that? In case you do: Congratulations. Now you can fix things and do the necessary repairs. In case you don’t know why you probably need further support and research.

Why did you succeed?

What was it exactly that made you realize your idea? In case you can tell: Congratulations. You can most likely repeat the procedure because you seem to understand the formula. You can look into fine-tuning the process and the musical vision.

Open Minded Drumming offers you courses avoiding the ever-present redundancy and conflicting information that quite some other platforms offer at times.

We are about streamlining your learning progress by focusing on relevant and profound information and the key skills that allow you to successfully transfer your abilities to other areas of music and drumming

There are educational materials that possibly every serious drummer has at hand so here we are relating to classic drum books and how to use them in the “classic” intended way.

Beginning from “Stick Control” to “Accents and Rebounds” to “Advanced Techniques Vol. 1” we will offer reliable and profound information on how to use these sources in your personal practicing schedule.

The methodology is all about the art of teaching.

If you teach drums you might be interested in fine-tuning the craft of how to forward information to students of different ages and levels using a variety of strategies and systems.

We would love to share with you our knowledge in this area and give you tools so you can become a master in guiding drummers.

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Book an exclusive lesson to further elaborate on the contents given with the courses on the platform or any topic of your choice.

We host a yearly open-minded event in which we focus further on expanding your knowledge and fine-tuning your drumming.

We try to help you really in person during a game-changing week of masterclasses and drum lab sessions. It’s a great opportunity to meet, collaborate, exchange your ideas and views on drumming and music..

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