Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller technique.
Successor to Jim Chapin.
Innovator in the “Open-Handed” style of drumming.

One of the best educators in the world, he has been teaching in Germany, England, USA, Austria, Portugal, South Korea, Iran, Croatia, Norway, France, Romania, Spain, Australia and China. During that time, he has taught many professional drummers, including Anika Nilles. Creator of a comprehensive drum teaching program, Claus has published a series of educational books and DVDs, which are an endless source of knowledge about technique, coordination, and musical expression. He has shared the stage with many great drummers, including Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, Walfredo Reyes Jr., JoJo Mayer, Johnny Rabb, and Luis Conte.

In 2016 he was the guest of the most popular drum
portal in the world – drumeo,
where herecorded an excellent masterclass about
swiss and collapsed rudiments.

“I don’t know anybody
who has been closer to Moeller’s technique than Claus Hessler.”

Jim Chapin, 2006

Claus is not only a great teacher, with many successes on his account!
First and foremost, he is a virtuosic improviser and his hand and feet coordination
is masterly. He is able to perform complicated ostinatos, while perfectly executing
Moeller’s technique. His ease and independence are remarkable.

Especially for you we prepared a special playlist.
Check out some of his videos to get a glimpse of what you will be able to experience and learn in August!

World’s leading motivational drum set artist and educator.
One of drumming’s most sought-after private instructors for over 40 years.

A major player in the percussion industry, Dom acts as Education consultant for Sabian Cymbals, Promark Sticks, Mapex Drums, Evans Drumheads, Hudson Music Publications, Wizdom Media for whom he oversees programs worldwide.

Dom Famularo has been traveling the globe preaching the gospel of drumming for over 40 years. An intense performer, Dom is one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world, with a career built solely upon his unique skills as a drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker.

Tutored by legendary greats Joe Morello, Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Charlie Perry, Colin Bailey, Shelly Manne, Papa Jo Jones and Ronnie Benedict, Dom combines the masterful techniques of the past with the parameter-pushing concepts of today’s music for a highly creative and uniquely personal style of drumming. With hands powered by the famous Moeller technique and feet dancing through high-speed double-pedal bass drumming patterns he delivers performances that dip and dive through dynamics and styles with energy and ease.

Students regularly fly in from around the globe for intensive study with Dom…currently teaching over 1,000 students from over 20 countries at his WizDOM Drumshed studio in NY.

“Ultimately I want today’s generation to enjoy the fun of the challenge of drumming. I want to serve as their inspiration, to give people everywhere the opportunity to find their path of self-expression. Music is one of the most viable and enjoyable means of finding oneself. I am an Artist of Life and Art, which are both synonomous. How I live my life is how I live my art… and I enjoy them both together.”

Dom Famularo

Student of Claus Hessler.
Recipient of Berklee College of Music Scholarship.
Szymon is a session musician who has travelled the world playing the drums.
Organizer of Open Minded Drum Camp.

Szymon has been playing the drums for about twenty years. His biggest asset is stylistic versatility and sight-reading skills. In the past few years, he has played several hundred shows based on avista sight-reading.

Szymon has studied his craft with jazz studies at Middlesex University in London and at Berklee College of Music (Summer Program). He studied with drummers like Gene Colderazzo (USA), Harry Tanschek (AUT), and in the past three years he has continued to learn and grow with the help of Claus Hessler.

In 2014, Szymon received a Berklee World Tour Scholarship to the value of $20,000.

Szymon is very passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.


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