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In short, “technique” describes a streamlined, optimized, and highly effective movement strategy when we play drums. Moreover, each note is preceded by a corresponding motion. Refining this process to achieve your musical vision as effortlessly as possible is what this course is all about. It provides you with a wealth of exercises to help you develop hand and stick movements and proper form.

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TECHNIQUE | There's no drumming without it

Course Script


CHAPTER 1: POSITIONING YOUR HANDS | Understanding the Spectrum of Hand Positions and Grip

Proper positioning of your hands and sticks is an essential part of any drumming technique. Here you will learn the most important basics of hand position!

CHAPTER 2: PUT YOUR STICKS IN MOTION | Rebound and Controlling Stick Heights

In this section, you will learn how to make the stick work for you as much as possible without putting in unnecessary effort. It will help you understand and control the rebound. You will also learn how to keep the sound and volume consistent by making the height of the stick as balanced and effective as possible.


Upstrokes and downstrokes are indispensable tools for adding dynamics to your drumming. Understanding their nature and structure, as well as the two basic forms (formal and informal) are very important aspects that you will become familiar with in this section.


Just as with the hands, we will also cover the movement strategies of the feet: Some of it can be traced back to similar functions of our hands. However, some of the technical principles also follow different rules and settings. The purpose of this chapter is to give you the means to develop a solid understanding of foot technique, mainly by drawing parallels between hands and feet.


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