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This is an entry to a unique niche in the field of rudiments: Swiss Rudimental Drumming and its connection to the French drumming tradition can be looked at as the initial spark for a whole genre of drumming and the phrases we refer to as “rudiments”. It will both clarify ever-present questions like spacing of strokes (on drag rudiments e.g.) and also add further and deeper understanding with regards to questions of authentic interpretation at the same time. We will discuss historic aspects, grip and technique, dive into the details of the patterns, make you aware of challenges, help you structure your learning process and guide you through the minefield of misconceptions.

This is the first time ever you can learn about Swiss Drumming and its specialties in an international format/online course. In case you want to taste the “primeval soup” of drumming and understand rudiments and their original European roots you will not want to miss this opportunity!

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Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique
Virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination
Educator on Open Minded Drum Camp since 2017
The Wise mentor |Yoda| of Open Minded Drumming

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Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique
Virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination
Educator on Open Minded Drum Camp since 2017
The Wise mentor | Yoda | of Open Minded Drumming

One of the best educators in the world, he has been teaching in Germany, England, USA, Austria, Portugal, South Korea, Iran, Croatia, Norway, France, Romania, Spain, Australia and China. During that time, he has taught many professional drummers, including Anika Nilles. Creator of a comprehensive drum teaching program, Claus has published a series of educational books and DVDs, which are an endless source of knowledge about technique, coordination, and musical expression. He has shared the stage with many great drummers, including Steve Smith, Alex Acuna, Walfredo Reyes Jr., JoJo Mayer, Johnny Rabb, and Luis Conte.

“I don’t know anybody who has been closer to Moeller’s technique than Claus Hessler.”

Jim Chapin

In 2016 he was the guest of the most popular drum portal in the world – drumeo, where he recorded an excellent masterclass about Swiss and collapsed rudiments.


Claus is not only a great teacher, with many successes on his account!
First and foremost, he is a virtuosic improviser and his hand and feet coordination is masterly. He is able to perform complicated ostinatos, while perfectly executing Moeller’s technique. His ease and independence are remarkable.


Check out more videos with Claus:

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