Open Minded Drum Camp

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8 -12 August 2022, Żywiec | POLAND

5 days of game-changing drum studies
with world-class educators.
4 unique masterclasses based on consistent and reliable information.
Over 30 hours of intensive studying with Claus Hessler & Claudio Spieler.
Drum ensemble with a final performance with video shoot.
Dedicated educational materials and attractive special offers.

In the fast-paced world and the astronomical mass of information on social media, it’s more important than ever to find coherent knowledge you can rely on. That’s why we created Open Minded Drumming.

Join us in August for Open Minded Drum Camp 2022 and let us Rhythmify you! What we’ve got for you? Read on to find out.

Become the best drummer you can possibly be.

This year we will combine two worlds into one universe of rhythm. Let’s build a bridge between the drumset and percussion to create a solid sense of pulse and get inspired.
Can playing percussion instruments make me a better drummer?
What can I gain from practicing konnakol?
We will answer these questions and many more with the help of these two gentlemen:

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique, virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination, one of the best educators in the world, he has been teaching throughout the world.
Creator of a comprehensive drum teaching program, Claus has published a series of educational books, which are an endless source of knowledge about technique, coordination, and musical expression.

Claudio Spieler

Claudio Spieler is a versatile Austrian percussionist especially skilled at kanjira and konnakol. He performs at festivals and venues from Havana to Reykjavik and teaches at drum camps and universities all over Europe. As a solo artist and as part of several international projects, he has specialised in South Indian and Latin music and flamenco.

Drum Camp

Last year performance with all Drum Camp Students.

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& Classes

We have planned for you 36 hours of studying and organized them into three different types of classes.

Masterclasses with Claus
Streamline Your Practicing
The class will elaborate on analyzing your abilities, and help you find weak and strong spots in your drumming. We’ll be introducing practicing tools and methods, help you set up a practicing plan and streamline your progress.
Decoding Polyrhythms
The class will help you to analyze polyrhythms of any dimension, strengthen your rhythmic abilities (with the help of Konnakol e.g.) and come up with exercises and Drumset-applications from easy to intermediate to advanced.

Masterclasses with Claudio
Expand your rhythmic vocabulary with konnakol
In this masterclass you’ll get an insight into the South Indian rhythmic language konnakol. We will recite basic and ornamented groups of 3 up to 10 syllables while clapping the underlying time cycle called TALA. This concept will help you to memorize rhythmic patterns and to strengthen your time keeping abilities.
Understanding South Indian rhythms & applying them to the cajón
This class will show you a way to comprehend essential rhythmic formulas like ARUDI and KORVAI. Getting familiar with the shapes and structures of selected characteristic compositions will enable us to play them on the cajón or any other percussion instrument. 

Our Students

Over the past 6 years, more than 100 students have placed their trust in us.

The majority of our students have participated in the Open Minded Drum Camp more than once.

The youngest participant was 9 years old and the oldest students were in their 50s. The camp attracts both beginners and professional drummers.

In past years we have gathered drummers from all over the world
Poland | Germany | China | United Kingdom | Slovenia | Malta | Hong Kong

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Plans& Pricing

We are aware of the possible imponderables and have a fair return policy in case you had to cancel your participation by the end of May or the event cannot take place for unforeseen reasons. We want to assure you that you will receive your payment back.

You can find all the details in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

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Special Offer

Additionally, we have a special offer for you - 15% discount on All Access to Open Minded Drum Studies. 

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