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Over 65 lessons

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12 hours of videos

with tons of knowledge and high-quality, step-by-step instructions

+300 exercises

with detailed practice guides and over 2000 audio tracks recorded by Claus

230 pages

of printable booklets for each course with sheet music and summaries

Legitimate information

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Comprehensive courses

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Practice like a pro!

With our exercises, you can easily organise your daily routines and make it more efficient.

Dive into exercises

with dedicated page to each routine, study notation and follow instructions step by step with audio tracks to master every workout!

Loop & control tempo

Explore all the practice tracks in different versions. Find the tempo that works for you and loop any fragment you want.

Create your routines

Save exercises and organise them in lists so you can make your own workouts for any occasion!

Study with the video

Watch the master playing the exercises. Slow it down if you need and easily jump from one section to another.

$17 / month (billed annually)

Explore courses

41 Lessons | 7 Hours of Videos | 181 Exercises | +1200 Audio Tracks | 123 PDF Pages

This is an entry to a unique niche in the field of rudiments: Swiss Rudimental Drumming and its connection to the French drumming tradition. This is the first time ever you can learn about Swiss Drumming and its specialties in an international format/online course.

14 Lessons | 2,5 Hours of Videos | 53 Exercises | +260 Audio Tracks | 57 PDF Pages

This course on technique is all about understanding technical basics, their relevance in modern drumset playing and giving you a proper and reliable foundation for your drumming. It’s a great course to start with!

5 Lessons | 1,5 Hours of Videos | 32 Exercises | +220 Audio Tracks | 27 PDF Pages

Learn about this early form of Jazz and different ways to apply the typical New Orleans / Second Line rhythms on the drumset. Be it more or less swung or straight, this kind of a groove has had a huge impact in the history of drumset playing and will definitely strenghten your sense for shuffle.

5 Lessons | +1 Hours of Videos | 30 Exercises | +300 Audio Tracks | 23 PDF Pages

Songo appears to be one of the first Cuban styles of music in which the drumset became a vital part of the groove. Learn authentic Songo patterns, and step into the world of Latin Music on the drums!

Coming soon...

Everything only for $17 / month billed annually

Online Meetings Every Month!

Meet your teachers and ask all your questions on a monthly basis. Get access to all the previous online meetings with Claus Hessler and special guest Anika Nilles.

So far we had 20 online meetings = 30 hours

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