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of Open Minded Drum Camp

I. Workshop

  • The Open Minded Drum Camp percussion workshops (hereinafter referred to as the Workshop) is organised by OPEN MINDED CREATIVE SOLUTIONS LIMITED 11101075, with its registered office at 85 GREAT PORTLAND STREET, FIRST FLOOR, W1W 7LT LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN.
  • Workshops are dedicated to people playing drums.
  • Information about the dates of individual Workshops, location, number of places, price for participation and payment conditions, deadline for submissions, terms of resignation, and a detailed program of workshops, including schedules for each day of the workshops are published at these Internet addresses:
  • The main goal of the Workshops is to improve the percussion skills of the participants of the Workshops, as well as motivating them for further artistic development.

II. Conditions for participation

  • Participants of the Workshops may be adults or, with the written consent from the parents or legal guardians (see Appendix No. 1 to these Regulations), minors 13 years of age or older.
  • Participants pay to take part in the Workshops. The price and terms of payment for participation in the Workshops are specified in the announcement made available in accordance with section 1 point 3 of these Regulations.
  • The number of places at the Workshop is limited, and participation is determined by the order of applications, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.
  • The deadline for making entries for participation to the Workshops is specified in the announcement made available in accordance with section 1 point 3 of these Regulations.  Entries made after the indicated date will be considered for participation only if any places become available.
  • Applications for participation in the Workshops should be made through the user account created in the openmindeddrumming.com Service. Terms of use of the  openmindeddrumming.com Service, as well as the conditions for making entries to participate in the Workshops, are specified in its terms and conditions available here: https://openmindeddrumming.com/terms-of-service
  • The application should include the Participant’s data required in the form, as well as the method of payment. In the case of minors, applications are made by parents/legal guardians. Minors over 13 years of age may submit the application themselves, together with a scan or a photograph of written consent from parents/legal guardians, the template of which is attached as Appendix 1 to these Regulations
  • When submitting the application, the Participant is obliged to pay the due fee or its first installment (depending on the chosen method of payment). In the event of failure to pay the fee or the first installment in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, the application will be considered as failed.
  • The possibility of installment payments depends on the date of filing the application. When making entry, the Participant will be able to choose a one-time payment or an available installment payment.
  • If you choose to pay installments, the entire fee must be paid within the payment dates of the installments indicated at the time of making the application via User account in the Service. In the event of non-payment of any of the installments on time, the Organiser will remind you via e-mail to pay the installment within 7 days from the date of receipt of the message. Lack of payment within this additional time means resignation from participation in the Workshops, and the day of resignation is the day following the date of payment of the unpaid installment indicated in the reminder e-mail. All payments are made via the openmindeddrumming.com Service by means of Przelewy24 payment service. The terms of payment through the Przelewy24 payment service are available at this Internet address: https://www.przelewy24.pl/eng/regulations and Stripe
  • The Organiser as part of the Online Service may change the payment service supplier or enable payment via other payment services.
  • In the event of resignation from participation in the Workshops, the Organiser will return to the Participant the payment he has made so far in the amount of:
    • 100% of the payment – in the event of cancellation participation before April 1st, 2022
    • 50% of the payment – in the event of cancellation participation before May 1st, 2022
    • in the event of a later resignation, the Organiser will not refund any part of the fee. A participant can indicate another person who would take his/her spot at the camp.
  • The Organiser allows the Participant to indicate another participant who will take up the place of the current Participant, who has already paid the full fee, provided that the new participant has settled all payments and requirements and fully complies with the Regulations.
  • The condition for holding the Workshops is the registration of Participants who meet the conditions set out in these Regulations for at least 80% of the number of places indicated in accordance with section 1, point 3 of these Regulations. If fewer Participants apply, the Organiser may decide to conduct the Workshops despite the smaller number of Participants. In the event of failure to get the required number of Participants, the Organiser will notify the Participants that the Workshops will not take place and within 14 days from the date of notification, will return to all Participants (to the bank account indicated by them) all funds paid by them so far.
  • The fee for participation in the Workshops covers only remuneration for training classes and other events (e.g. integration barbecue, final concert, etc.) detailed in the Workshop schedule at the website address indicated in section 1, point 3 of these Regulations, and hence, in particular, the cost of meals, overnight stay, insurance, as well as the cost of caring for minors outside of the training classes, as items not covered by the Workshops, are not included in the remuneration for the Workshops and are paid by the Participants separately on their own.
  • Each Participant will receive from the Organiser a package with training materials and a diploma of participation in the Workshops.

III. Duties and rights of the Participant and Organiser

  • All costs related to insurance, travel, stay at the Workshops, in particular the costs of accommodation and meals, are covered by each Participant.
  • The necessary condition for participation in the training classes during the Workshops is that the Participant owns his own training pad with a tripod and sticks. In the event of their absence, the Participant will not be able to participate in classes.
  • The Participant of the Workshops is obliged to comply with the instructions of the training instructors and the Organiser and to actively participate in these classes.
  • Participants are obliged to immediately notify the instructor or the Organiser of any defects in the rooms in which they are staying during the Workshops.
  • During the training sessions, each Participant is obliged to comply with health and safety regulations and fire prevention regulations in force at the place where the Workshops are held.
  • During the training sessions, as well as all other events organised as part of the Workshops,  it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol, smoke and use narcotic drugs.
  • The Organiser or instructor, after a previous warning, has the right to exclude from the training activities those participants who interfere with their course or behave in an inappropriate manner. Double exclusion from training classes, for reasons referred to in this paragraph, results in expulsion from the Workshops without the right to participate in further training and events. In the event of exclusion from training or expulsion from the Workshops, the Participant is not entitled to a refund of the payment for participation in the Workshops.
  • Participants are not allowed to register training sessions (in any way, including audio or video recordings) without the prior written consent of the person conducting the training or the Organiser, except for the situation specified in point 9.
  • The Organiser allows the Participants to record, for their own needs, the course of the Workshops in the form of photographs. The Participant is obliged to obtain on his own the consent of other Participants to take photographs of them and possibly distribute their images on the above photographs.
  • The Organiser provides the staff, technical service as well as the location base for the Workshop.
  • The Organiser shall not be liable for damage to Participants’ property and health arising during the Workshops and not caused by the Organiser or its employees. Each of the Participants is obliged to insure themselves against all risks, in particular those mentioned above.
  • Participants shall provide free of charge consent to recording, filming and photographing of  the course of the Workshops by the Organiser, including statements of Participants and their music performances.
  • Participants give free of charge and unlimited consent to use and to disseminate in any way, in particular through social networking sites and other websites, of recordings of the Workshops referred to above in order to promote the Workshops and the Organiser. The consent referred to in this paragraph also includes the right to record, duplicate and disseminate of the image of the Participant, as well as his musical works and artistic performances, in the following fields of exploitation, throughout the world:
    • for recording and reproduction – production using specific technique of the work, including printing, reprographic, magnetic recording and digital techniques;
    • for the trade of the original or copies on which the work was recorded – placing on the market, lending or rental of the original or copies;
    • for the distribution of the work in a way other than specified in point b – public performance, displaying, reproducing and broadcasting and re-emitting, as well as making the work publicly available in such a way that everyone can have access to it in a place and time chosen by them.
  • The Organiser has the right to change, for important reasons, the program and the schedule of the Workshops, with the reservation that in each case the total number of hours of training classes will not change, in relation to the original Workshop program.

IV. Personal data protection

  • The Organiser is the Administrator of the Participants’ personal data.
  • The Administrator collects the following types of Users’ personal data:
    • first name and surname of the Participant and of parents/legal guardians;
    • residential address;
    • date of birth;
    • e-mail address;
    • phone number;
    • image of the Participant
    • bank account number;
    • other data concerning the Participants required to conduct the Workshops.
  • Personal data will be processed by the Organiser based on the given consent in order to organise and carry out the Workshops, as well as for the promotion of the Workshops and the Organiser.
  • Giving consent to the processing of personal data and the mere submission of personal data is voluntary, however, consent to the processing of personal data for all the above purposes is necessary to participate in the Workshops.
  • With separate consent, the Participant may agree to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of sending of the newsletter and other information about the Administrator’s activities, including about the next organised Workshops, also agreeing to receive these promotional materials.  Giving consent to such processing of personal data is voluntary and is not necessary to participate in the Workshops.
  • The data subject has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, however, it will not affect the validity of the processing of personal data before the date of withdrawal of consent.
  • In the event of withdrawal of consent, further processing of personal data is possible based on the provisions of applicable law, in particular if it is necessary for purposes arising from legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator, in particular to seek the Administrator’s claims, and to use the license granted in accordance with section III, points  12 and 13 of Privacy Policy.
  • Personal data will be processed until the completion of the Workshop and the limitation of the claims resulting from it, and for the promotion of the Workshops – until the license referred to in section III, points  12 and 13 of Privacy Policy expires.
  • The data subject has the right to request from the Administrator access their personal data, amend them, delete or limit their processing. The participant also has the right to request the transfer of data.
  • The data subject has the right to object against the processing of personal data by the Administrator.
  • The data subject has the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority, i.e. the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.
  • The Administrator does not make decisions in an automated way, nor does he use personal data to profile data subjects.
  • Personal data will not be transferred to third countries and international organizations.
  • In all cases related to the processing of personal data, you can contact the Administrator in writing to the address indicated in section I of these Regulations.
  • The Administrator does not establish an Inspector of Personal Data Protection.
  • To help the Participants find shared accommodation, the Organiser, with separate consent given at the moment of making entry to participate at the Workshop, will forward the contact details of one Participant to another who might also be interested in sharing accommodation and has also given consent to forward his contact details. The transfer of data is intended only to facilitate Participants to search for accommodation together, and this consent is not necessary to participate in the Workshops.
  • Detailed information about the protection of personal data by the Service Provider are available in the latest Privacy Policy here: https://openmindeddrumming.com/privacy-policy/

V. Participation of a minor

  • In the case of minors, as referred to in section 2, point 1, the written consent of parents or legal guardians is required to be submitted to the Organiser, as in Appendix 1 to these Regulations, before the start of the first training sessions as a condition to participate in the Workshops.
  • The consent referred to in point 1 above includes the consent to the participation of a minor participant in all training activities specified in the schedule at this website  address https://openmindeddrumming.com/camp/daily-schedule/, as well as in the final concert or other events organised during the Workshops.
  • Parents or legal guardians of a minor, apart from training sessions during the Workshops, are obliged to take care of a minor or provide such care.. The organiser and instructors do not take such care over the minor Participant of the Workshops and are not responsible for the minor Participant outside the training classes.
  • The cost of repairing or removing damage caused by a minor Participant of the Workshops is covered by his parents or legal guardian.

IV. Final provisions

  • The Organiser has the right to change these Regulations for important reasons, in particular if for reasons not due to the Organiser, it will nor be possible to hold the Workshops in the way specified in these Regulations. The Participants will be notified of all such changes by e-mail.  Within 14 days from the date of receipt of information about the change in the Regulations, each Participant has the right to resign from participation in the Workshops, while receiving a refund of the entire fee paid.
  • Making entry to participate in the Workshops means you fully accept of these Regulations.
  • Ways of dealing with complaints, as well as information about the right to withdraw from the contract, are described in the Terms and Conditions of openmindeddrumming.com Online Service,  through which entries to participate at the Workshops are made, available here https://openmindeddrumming.com/terms-of-service/
  • If it is necessary to cancel the Workshops for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control, he will refund each participant’s actual payment. The refund will be made within 14 days from the date of cancellation of the Workshops, to the bank account indicated by the Participant.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Regulations, please contact the Organiser via the contact form available at this website here:  https://openmindeddrumming.com/contact.
  • The law of the Republic of Poland is applicable to the contract for participation in the Workshops specified in these Regulations.
  • These Regulations come into effect  from 08.08.2019.

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