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Songo | Cuban Drumming with Claus Hessler | Exclusive Course

5 Lessons | +1 Hours of Videos | 30 Exercises | +300 Audio Tracks | 23 PDF Pages

Songo appears to be one of the first Cuban styles of music in which the drumset became a vital part of the groove. Learn authentic Songo patterns, and step into the world of Latin Music on the drums!

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The style of Songo, mostly created by Blas Egues, José Luis Quintana (aka “Changuito”) and Juan Formell during their work with “Los Van Van” is one of the most important musical landmarks in the genre of Latin Music for us drumset players. Often reduced to just a very limited number of grooves, there’s much more to be discovered about this vibrant and influential style of Afro-Cuban music. Learn more about the details and background of this game changing style of Afro-Cuban music in the course at OMD!

Entry level: Intermediate

5 Lessons

+1 hour of videos

30 exercises

+300 audio tracks

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This unit presents an early, basic Songo pattern in 2-3 clave while providing room for small variations on the toms at the end of the second measure. The groove does not present any major coordination challenges, but is still very authentic. A good introduction to the world of Songo rhythms!

Course booklet to each lesson

In addition to all the video materials, exercises and support you’ll get a downloadable, printable booklets to each lesson with exercises so you can study wherever you want, even if you don’t have your phone or internet connection.

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Meet your instructor!

Claus Hessler

Master of Moeller Technique
Virtuosic improviser with masterful coordination
Successor to Jim Chapin
Innovator in the “open-handed” style of drumming

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