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LESSON 2: Inverted Flam Tap | Doublé

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Preparing your first piece: The Morgenstreich



In this lesson you will learn the Doublé – a very typical Swiss rudimental phrase. The pattern is also known as “Coup Anglais”, in American rudimental drumming the structure can also be found as “Inverted Flam Tap”, “Tap Flam” or (in older sources) as “Flam & Stroke”. However, these usually do not come with the special “Basel Swing” that provides a typical sound and phrasing. The grid of quintuplets may serve as a good guideline to develop an idea that the phrasing is relatively close to the actual interpretation.

The video lesson also shows you different ways to get there, by collapsing and expanding the distances between the notes of a “hand to hand” triplet and revisiting underlying structures of the sticking. The major challenge is usually maintaining the proper order of left and right strokes, being in control of the dynamics used, and adding various degrees of the typical “Basel Swing”. Again, there is no fixed dynamic setting for the pattern.

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