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Jim Chapin’s Legacy: Moeller Method and Beyond

The video will be available soon...

See the „system of the old man“ – as Jim used to say at times. Claus will take you on a journey to better understand the Moeller system in its purest form.

Why Attend?
This session will cover:

  • Frequent misconceptions
  • Background stories
  • Exercises for mastering the technique

Learn the full picture of this groundbreaking technique, based on European drumming traditions. Strap in for an exciting journey through time, influential players, teachers, and the magic behind the “Moeller Whip”!

The first event of Jim Chapin’s Independence Week:

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+2700 audio tracks to each exercise that you can easily loop and play in different tempos

208 pages of booklets with exercises that you can download and print to study wherever you want

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